Thursday, April 17, 2008


you know what i am doing?
i am typing one handed!
i got the axe in my other hand.
he is asleep.

oh wait, now he is awake.

you know, not to dig up a pile of worms, but i got something that has been on my mind.
a while ago there was an anonymous comment.
it was when i told you guys about how truen was pregnant.
someone said "way to ruin your life".

can you believe that trash?
i mean, geez, what kind of scum bag goes and says that?
anyways, i been kind of thinking about that, in the back of my head.
ever since.

it made me sad, you know?
because it could have just been a regular random douche bag that just accidentally happened upon this blog
expecting a packer blog, or something of that nature and then, upset that it wasn't what they wanted, they lashed out
and said that thing.

but you know, it is even worse that it could have been someone that i know.
i don't like that at all.

the thing is that this little boy of mine is the furthest thing from ruining my life.
i mean, i gotta hold him a lot, and change his pants and burp him and hold him when he cries and basically make sure he is alright every single waking second, but so what?
he is so great to have a round.

i didn't ruin anything.

anyways, i got to go put the baby down.
hopefully he sleeps for a couple of hours.
i got an early day tomorrow.
be good guys.


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    People can be such jerks. Don't listen to anonymous posts.

    I can only assume that Truen is not pregnant AGAIN, and that you are referring to an earlier time. The time Truen was pregnant with Axel. If not and she is with child, then congrats my dear cousin.

    Your pictures are awesome Mathew. It is so cool to see him and you and read your blog. The pictures with the blog are the best part. You should add more of Truen. It is her post baby glow time. Hope all is well with you guys.

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Post baby glow time. Do dads get that too. Something tells me it's not the same if they do. And that's only fair, let's face it.


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