Thursday, May 22, 2008

A flowing beard.

Guess what I did today?
I played basketball.
Guess what else I did?
I was on a winning team.
For once.

My teammate explained some crucial fundamentals of the game to me.

Dude, 3 day weekend!

I was in the truck today and we drove through Times Square.
You know what is the worst?
Times Square.

I think my least favorite spot is a point where you drive past the giant M+M display.
And then on the other side is this gourmet popcorn store.

You know that scene where the kid runs between the statues and the statue's eyes light up and shoot lasers at the kid?
It is sort of like that in Times Square.

But today was a little different because there was a new billboard and the sight of it almost brought tears to my eyes.
A giant copy of Madden 2009.
With Brett Favre on the cover.

The largest Brett Favre I have ever seen, and it was GLORIOUS!!!

I felt so proud.
So happy.


Don't forget.

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