Sunday, May 11, 2008

HIstorically, why would I do that?

Oh my god.
Are you seeing what is happening in Myanmar?
That is terrifying.

Lately I have felt like I really need some space.
I feel guilty for wanting space.
I try to not take up too much space.

I feel especially guilty for wanting something like space
when there is a place devastated by a cyclone.

But still, I have to be rational.
I mean, I try to acknowledge that I feel lucky and thankful.
I mean, I think it in my head.

I don't know, it is hard to think about all of the things in the world.
I feel like we are living in uncertain times.

I just gave myself goose bumps.

I was thinking about WIsconsin today.
I had this very strong memory of one of my last days there.
I guess I didn't know then that I would be gone for so long.

I miss living near Lake MIchigan.
I grew up around the lake, but on the sandy side.
Then at the end, I lived on the rocky side, in the bay.
I liked that side if only because you had places to dive into the water.
In Racine and Milwaukee, you must wade.
Also it is colder in the sandy side.



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