Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Put a waffle on it!

Check out the dude!
I think he most resembles a young God, you know?
Like before he grows up and starts creating things.

Dude, I ran some errands today, and I got my haircut!
Now I am waiting for some paint to dry.
I had a surprise day off, and it was great.
I just held the baby, and did my stuff, and it is not even over yet.

I am going to cut some wire.
Also I am going to nail some wood.

I got shit to do!

What have you been doing?
I been working, yesterday we cleaned the trucks!
With a power washer!!!

Also we went to the dump.

I got to relax, I mean, I have to try harder to relax.
It is weird because I don't even notice that I am not relaxing until I
am laying down to go to sleep.
Then I feel like I am deflated.
Like I am just empty.

I think that we have to take the baby to the state of Wisconsin soon.
Pretty soon he will be too big to fly for free, and that is a sadness I can not live with.

I hope all is well.
I had more stuff to say, but then I forgot.

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