Saturday, June 14, 2008

My love for tap.

Oh man it was raining so hard that the backyard is flooded and I had to scream over the noise of the rain pounding the awning.

I asked Truen if she ever saw Amadeus and she said "Is that the one with the trampoline?"

I remember watching that movie with my Mom and Grandpa.
I remember wishing there were more snakes in the movie.
When I was little I was very interested in snakes, and if they were in any way involved with the movie, book or television show
I as currently taken with then there was a good chance I would sit still and be quiet.
If not then I would probably start tap dancing, which was another love of mine.

It is true! I got the scars to prove it.
Just look at my head!!!

One thing that I m scared of is electricity.
I was watching an electrician work on Friday, and it was amazing and scary all at once.
Today, while it was raining so hard, I had to unplug and move the air conditioner because it was letting
water in through the window.
I had to unplug it in the process of moving it
and while I was reaching for the plug I said a little prayer that I NOT be electrocuted.
It must have worked.
The little prayer.

So, you know.
I hope you are well.

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