Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Blue China Cats.

Oh my lord!

What do you think about celebrities?
I call BS on those assholes.
What a bunch of tools.

A bunch of tools that I have this weird fascination with.
How can I not? How can I ignore them?
They cover the walls and billboards and advertisements.
Walking down the street, waiting for the train, checking my email.
They are always there, staring at me.

And I don't even know what they do that is so important.
They hardly ever entertain me.
Isn't that their job?
What the hell?
Most often their product is sub par at best.
If they had a real job, they would be fired.

They just act as walking advertisements for OTHER products.

Oh well.

Do you know what they don't have in WIsconsin?
Ice cream trucks that sell soft serve ice cream.

Do you know what they have in my neighborhood?
An ice cream truck that parks in front of my house and waits for me to get a cone.
That dude has got me trained!
I can hear that ice cream song from miles away.

I scramble for my shoes and wait out front.

Well, I have to take my family for a walk.
Hopefully I will see my ice cream dude.
He can give me my fix.

Also, I am reading the new David Sedaris book.
HE is an entertainer.


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  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I heard David Sedaris's new book is pretty good. I have read most of his stuff and my favorite is still Naked.

    Why did you cut a mohawk into your hair? Can we see the finished product? Also I have a picture of me and Jim at our tiny wedding. I'm sending one to the whole family. That is you and Truen, too.

    I don't have your address and you probably don't want to post it. So if you wouldn't mind terribly, my e-mail is



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