Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mini corn dogs = mini attitudes.

Today we went to the dump.
Like, two times!
It is a very interesting place, the dump.
It isn't someplace that I would want to spend my whole day, but it is always nice to check in
and see how it is doing.

It is dusty.
Dusty and noisy.

Have you been outside?
Do you live in New York?
It was super hot the past couple of days.
But today was nice.
Today was productive.
Today was nice and breezy, but warm and also, like I said, it was productive.

Truen made some fruit salad the other day.
It was so good.

I opened the fridge and there was this big bowl of fruit salad and it was the best.

Do you have any younger brothers?
How is that going?
Me and Truen, our brothers are like a difficult mystery.
And not like a mystery with a treasure chest at the end when you solve the mystery.
More like a mystery that just keeps on reminding you that you don't have much in common.
A mystery that doesn't want your input, help or insight.

I don't want no insight neither.
I'll take a prius thank you very much.


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