Saturday, June 07, 2008

The things that you would do for dinner.

Oh man it is so muggy.
Do you know what that means?
That means that it is humid and hot and uncomfortable and gross.
It is the worst time to hold a baby .
Especially a naked baby.
Or a baby in only a diaper.

You might as well hug a warm ball of sweaty dough against your chest.
And you are constantly trying to keep the dough in one place.
And it doesn't work.

How are you doing?

I made chicken salad.
I got the recipe from a box of crackers.
I added some grapes to it though and that was NOT in the recipe.

THen I made sandwiches.
We had them with some beer.
A little beer.
IT was cold.
It was delicious.
But it did nothing for the humidity and grossness.

I am still stuck in that.

Does new music suck?
I think that it has to.


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  1. Sorry I scared your offspring by going "woooo!" too loud. I haven't gone "woooo!" since.


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