Monday, September 29, 2008

The belief that things might be alright.

If there was nothing to lose, what would be the point?

I don't know what you read when you look on the internet.
Maybe it is celebrity stuff, or political stuff, or shopping stuff, or pornographic stuff...
I guess I read a lot of all that stuff.
But another thing I read is conspiracy stuff.
I guess it is left wing conspiracy stuff, but even then, I am not sure if that is the proper category.

Conspiracy stuff is interesting to me regardless of the politics behind it.
I am indiscriminate like that.

And I have been reading a lot of these conspiracies lately.
I don't know if they are conspiracy anymore.
I don't know that anyone knows the truth, and I don't think that it matters.

What good does the truth do us?
Does it change anything?
I am not so sure.
I want to believe that it does.
But I think I only want to believe that for my son's sake.

Do people want to know the truth?
I don't think so.
I think that the truth takes time to sink in.
Time creates distance from the events, and that allows for responsibility to be cast away.
After a certain amount of time has passed, only then do people
look back and say
"Wow, that was fucked up, I can't believe I believed that, and fuck those old bastards for forcing that bullshit down my throat!"
Like Christopher Columbus, the treatment of America's indigenous people, the Kennedy assassination, or 9/11.

I feel sad for the state of affairs that we are in right now.
I have read that the dollar is dead, and that everyone in the world knows that right now...
That we are being deceived into thinking that there is hope...
It is best to start stockpiling food and water, because things look grim for us and there is no help in sight.

These things that I read, they scare me.
And maybe they are right.

But fuck this.
It seems like no matter where you look, you are scared.
If the bailout doesn't pass, you should be scared.
If the bailout DOES pass, you should be scared.
It doesn't matter what you heard, you should be scared.

Like there is only fear and apathy.
You are either scared, or you are indifferent.

What about being angry?
What about that?

The people in charge, they have protected themselves.
They can declare martial law, and they have the soldiers to let it happen.
Look it up, the government brought back troops specifically for this "catastrophe".
But it doesn't matter.
The long term effects...
Because no matter what, we are all still just people.

Do I care if the fat cats are taken care of?
DO I care if the dollar is worthless?
In the long term, no.

What I am trying to say is that no matter how bad things get,
and no matter how much they rub it in our faces that these oil men and war profiteers and CEO's are immune from the law,
they are not immune from cancer, or tuberculosis, or a car accident or a gas leak.
They could fall down some stairs, or get an infected splinter, or have an aneurysm or heart failure...
All these people that think they can buy their way out of anything
while the rest of us struggle, they will die like the humans that they are
and in the end, who will give a shit?

I am only a speck, as we all are.

The outlook is scary, but the reality that we create is our own.
It might take some time.
But we can probably do better than this, and perhaps it is going to take a completer break down
of the system as we know it in order to see that.

Who knows?
Like I said, I am no economist.


PS, Truen made the art in the photo. She is very talented.

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