Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lemon Ginger.

There are these cookies that I like that are Ginger Cookies with Lemon Frosting.
They are, I think, my favorite.
I like them more than Oreos, and I think that I like them more than Chips Ahoy!
I think these are the best.

Dude, you got to give yourself some time.
I mean, you got to take the time that you can get.
If you want MORE time than you can get, then you need to revaluate
your current usage of time and figure out a new plan.

For example, I try to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual now so that I can ride my bike
to the coffee shop I like to get a coffee.

I don't do this every day, but when else am I going to get to do this?

Truen says that she can't believe how early I leave.
I says that I have to do this if I want to get some time for myself.

It is harder for her because of how she always has the baby.
But I think that the baby is one more reason to MAKE yourself do the things you want to do.

A game I play is that I pretend that the baby is making me do things.
Like he is controlling me with his little baby brain.
"Go get a coffee." or "Take me for a walk."
Then that way I am doing what he wants, and it is also what I want.

So Yemen huh?
How about that?
Let's see, Mr. Mc-Cain can't talk about the current GLOBAL ECONOMIC FAILURE, so let's give him something
he CAN talk about.
Like some explosions in Yemen.
Give me a break.
These people don't even have to try to cover it up anymore.
It makes me sick.

My Mom was talking about voting.
Yeah, I guess.
But that is assuming that voting does anything.
Look at the past two elections and it is pretty obvious that votes don't mean what they should.
There is even a new documentary about it.
It is called Stealing America Vote by Vote.
Watch it and cry.

I feel very sad about all of this.
I don't know what to do if we have to deal with 4 more years of war mongering, homophobic, pro-life bullshit again.
I mean, these people are just shit heads right?


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