Saturday, September 27, 2008

Like a breeze in a jug.

Do you know what a booger tastes like?
When was the last time you tasted that taste of a booger?
In the past month I have seen several people picking their nose and eating their boogers.
How can someone be eating boogers and driving a Mercedes at the same time?

Have you ever sucked a booger out of someone's nose?

I totally sucked a booger out of this dude's nose.
He asked me to!!!
With telepathy!!

What could I do?
It had to be done.

It is the Navajo way.
Or at least, that is what I am told.

Anyways, it was not too bad.
It is kind of funny because the noise that the suction makes in the nostril not being sucked on
actually sounds really nice.
Like a breeze in a jug.

This is some kind of weird love, some kind of emotion that I have never felt.
I thought I was in it.
And I am in it, but I am still not very close to it yet.
I still treat it like a new fragile gift that is very heavy and burns my hands.

It is like a baby star made out of crystal.

So far things are still going well, and I am thankful every time I think of his boogers in my mouth.

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