Friday, December 19, 2008

Give and Take.

Do you know about Truen?
She at one time had a small internet business.
She was in the business of telling people things.
She sent out postcards to people FOR people.

She would keep up correspondences for you.
Basically that is what she would do.
Because let's face it, you are not very good at keeping in touch, are you?

I don't know why, but it burnt Truen out.

So it is not something that she does anymore, but she still makes postcards.
She sells them at a shop in the West Village.
And she sold them all out the other day!

She also draws comics.
I know this for a fact.
We have a bunch of them in our house.
I encourage all of you to visit her website and
houd her for some copies of her comics.
They are funny and weird.
I have a link to her in the sidebar.
Check it out.

If you like me, then maybe you will like her.

I like her a lot.


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