Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All the gals at work.

Oh man.
Oh boy.
My boy.

That is a Haiku that I wrote just now.
I wrote it for you.
The casual blog observer.
For you.
That is what I am trying to say to you right now.

I taught this dude to eat cheerios out of my mouth.
I pinch them between my teef and then he grabs them with his teef.
Then we laugh and laugh.
It is funnier than shit.

So how about them Cardinals!?
Kurt Warner better show Brett Favre how it's done.

Speaking of Brett, let's not.
It only makes me sad.
Sadder than shit.

I been eating some raw garlic for it's medicinal properties.
To help my prostate.
But then, I am not even sure that a prostate is a real thing.
So I guess I been eating raw garlic for the fun of it.

I hope all is well, I have to go to do an overnight job.
I will talk to you about it later.

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