Sunday, January 18, 2009

You guys, I love you.

I was looking through all the photos I have posted on the blog.
Man, it is like a trip down a lane of memories.
A trip that makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time.

I fed the boyzo, he ate a bunch of stuff.
Like his Mother, you have to keep an eye on him or else he will just eat whatever is within
his ever growing reach.
So I don't know what he ate while I was not looking, but I can only hope it comes out the other end.
Some day.

You guys, I don't know why it is that getting sick is such a stressful thing for me.
When I can feel it coming on, and I don't know to try and fight it or just let it wash over me.
I immediately think of the days I might miss of work.
That is the main stress point.

But what can you do?
Rest? Pray? "Medicine"?
I am at a loss.

I just try to keep on keeping on.
Such is life.

I am going to go on a date tomorrow.
I can not wait.
I can only hope.


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