Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gimmee like, two more pots of coffee.

My dudes! My bros!
I made some egg sammies this morning, and I also slept in a bit.
I wouldn't call it sleeping really, more like staying in bed.
But it was still good.
I got this post nasal drip that i s sort of F'ing up my shit though.
I got to blow out this junk occasionally and it smells bad and tastes worse than it smells.

That is so gross.
Why would you say that?

I got tomorrow off, so I can still rest up before returning to work.
That is good.

Hey, do you own your house?
I wonder about that sometime.
I mean, not seriously or anything.
How could I own a house?
I have a better chance of owning my own dinosaur.
And I think that my own dinosaur would yield less traumatic results.

I got to go.

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