Friday, January 16, 2009

Shit is fucked.

Everything but this woman feeding a squirrel near St. Mark's Church.
Everything else is F'ed.

Damn, my son was being such a jerk today.
I would try to feed him and then he would just start screaming at me like I
was trying to feed him something dangerous instead of delicious.

Like I was trying to feed him fire instead of squash.

I guess this is just a part of life.

I hope you are all well,
we need to unite in order to change things.
Obama can't do everything himself.
We all need to work together.

Otherwise you are just alone, in a cabin, in the woods in the winter.
And outside all you can hear is the slow, dead drone of the zombie masses shuffling through the
snow, looking for meat.



  1. I sent your wife an email about your work and other stuff. Did she blow me off because you both think I'm insane? That crazy running horse kills me, dude.

  2. What!? No, she never said anything to me.
    I wonder what other information she "forgot"
    to mention?
    If you are talking about the horse book I made, then thank you, I am happy you liked it, it is probably the best thing I ever made.
    Tell me more.


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