Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Me, or catastrophe. 2-15-09

My legs are sore!
I rode all over today, and today isn't even done yet!
Oh my lord!
My boy, he is so cute.
He is getting more teeth.
Teeth in his mouth.
And he is sore about the whole thing.
He is drooling in protest.
I love him though.
He will be a year old soon.
I was watching him eat part of my dinner last night.
Just chewing away like he isn't even impressed with himself.
Who has time?
When everything is new and awesome, how can you be impressed with anything?
I love him, like I said.
We built a house together this morning.
It is not really what I was expecting to do.
I was very tired from being social last night.
But still, you got to do something.
You only get once.
So that is what we did and it was fun.
I think I might fix it up a bit though.
We will see.
I can tell you this, that house we built does not pass code.
No codes.
Fails them all.


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