Friday, February 27, 2009

These are not my beautiful socks.

I don't know what happens in life.
The things that are supposed to happen happen.
Or maybe not.
I was in the bathroom at work the other day and I was using the urinal which is a relatively new thing for me since I didn't grow up with one in my house as a child.
Anyways, I was thinking about owning a house.
I was peeing and thinking about owning my home.
Immediately my thoughts turned to thoughts about losing my home.
This is a natural progression in my mind.
And I am filling myself with anxiety.

Emptying and filling.

But then I realized that if I were to own something, then I could lose something.
That is a thing that happens in life.
You have something, and you lose something, and no matter what you think you might learn in the process, you don't really give yourself the tools to deal with the next thing in line.
That is the beauty.
I think that being unprepared IS being prepared.

I don't know, it is just what I came up with while I was peeing.

A thing I am not prepared for is when lately my wife will use these voices to gain an edge in an argument.
They are basically retarded versions of me.
It is a very effective method of igniting rage and sadness.

Is this a thing that happens in life?
Well obviously.
It happened.
And as with everything else, I am totally unprepared.


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