Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well Lit Domain.

You guys.
I had big plans to purchase a lamp that I had seen a while ago.
It was in the window of a shop.
I thought about it for a little bit, and then I decided that I should buy that lamp.
Maybe you spend money on stuff like that all the time.
Maybe you are a pro.
Maybe your apartment or house is full of tastefully chosen and placed lamps.

I am not like that.
I am more likely to spend my money on a screw gun.
Or maybe even three.
But you know, each one has it's own purpose.
And that is not the point.
The point is the lamp I wanted to buy for my apartment, and the pain and heartache it has since brought me.

What happened was that I finally went into the city to get this lamp, and I find out that
this lamp is all sold out.
Even though there was one in the window.
But that lamp is not for sale.
Or maybe it was, who can even remember if I had the brains to ask.
Instead I got very angry.
I stormed out and it took almost 15 minutes for me to calm down.
And in the process I managed to get into a couple of arguments with T-Dubs while I was at it.

I think maybe I was just disappointed.
Maybe a little embarrassed also.
Like it was the universal flow trying to tell me that I didn't deserve that lamp.
I don't deserve the light it would bring into my home.

But now that I have had some time to think about it, and I am no longer upset about it I like to think that it was the universal flow's way telling me that there are some things I don't want to see.

I hope you are well in your well lit domain.

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