Sunday, June 07, 2009

Racking 'em up.

I am never sure about my punctuation.
Spelling is not so much of an issue because I know how to spell.
I don't even need the spell check.
In fact, if there were a way to turn off spell check forever, I wouldn't even give a shit.
I am so good at spelling that I get phone calls from guys at work asking me how to spell things.
In your face.
Punctuation is another thing entirely.
I am aware of it, but I am not sure of how to use it correctly all of the time.
In fact, if there were a punctuation check, and IT got turned off forever, I would be very sad.
Not as sad as riding my bike to the show store in order to buy some new shoes and then arrive at the store to find it is closed.
That is what happened just now.
So I rode back home, through the Puerto Rican Parade (Puerade?) and all of the young men speeding dangerously around to show off to the girls.
I rode past all of the smells of people grilling meats and other foods.
I rode past all of the brunch crowds squinting at their menus and sweating in the sun.
I made it home and Truen was on the tread mill, glistening and smiling.
She had a party last night, a comic party.
She and her friend made a bunch of new comics, and they had a party to show them all off.
It was nice.
I met several new and very nice people.
I met a woman from Sweden!
And I had a very mind blowing conversation in the yard about the future of the world.
It was a very good evening.
And today has been a very good day, minus the shoe store debacle.
You try spelling debacle on the fly.
Anyways, we leave tomorrow for Arizona to see my Dad.
I don't know if I will be able to update while I am away, but I will try.
I do not want to fail you, the faithful blog follower.
I hope all is well,

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