Sunday, July 05, 2009

Something is something.

Making a difference, one cup at a time.
This is the slogan on the side of my disposable coffee cup.
I was having some guilt issues with the purchase of my coffee and the use of this cup, but then I read the informative side of the cup and found out that those pangs of guilt were only for those cups that did no try to make a difference...
Like the cup I used.
I think that is one of the worst things about our impending batch of global epidemics; the slogans telling us that we will be alright.
Because you know, a cup made of renewable resources still came out of a factory, possibly the same factory that made all the other "regular" cups.
The cups that don't give a shit about us.
The cups that aren't even trying to make a difference.

It is everywhere, on everything.
Sad attempts to make you feel better about your choice to not really do anything differently.
F that!
I want some cup honesty dammit!
Quit babying me Cup, give it to me straight.
Give me a cup covered in the sad truth of my puchase.
Like an unoptimistic bottle of Bronner's Soap.

You want to help me make a difference Cup?
Then make me feel worse for using you in the first place.
It is the only way I will learn.

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