Saturday, August 08, 2009

Peach Gorge.

When Truen and I first moved here and lived in the hole, we would walk "home" late at night
we would walk past a place in Greenpoint called Rachel's Garden.
It was open until really late, and we would get our groceries there.

Hit Crackers.
Bottled water.

I continued to shop there after we moved out of the Hole, when I started working in the area.
I would stop on the way home to get some vegetables and fruit.
They have a good selection and it is fairly priced.

I still go there but not as often.
I bought some peaches there recently, I am addicted to these peaches.
Truen can't understand how I can eat so many peaches.
But I can't understand how she CAN'T eat all these peaches.

They are like sweet pieces of candy, they are so juicy and sweet!
I want to eat the all right now, all 6 of them.
It would boost my peach count to 9 for the day.
I had three for breakfast.

It is the only way I know.
When I was little, my MOm would buy a watermelon and I would eat the whole thing in one day.
Later on after I met my friend Justin and started living in his basement and backyard pool,
I would eat all their watermelon also.
His Dad would try to hide it from me but I would find it and eat it and think,
"Well, if they don't want me to eat it, they need to hide it better."
I honestly couldn't help myself.
And I still can't.

It is the only way I know.
I am like an alcoholic, but for fruit.

My baby is HUGE.
He is a giant baby.
He has me worried, I don't think I will be larger than him for mush longer.
And you can't reason with him, so if he gets bigger than me, I am at his mercy.

Hey, did you grow up in Racine?
There was a restaurant over at Elmwood Plaza, and it was set towards the back of the parking lot, and it had a
Girls name, what was it called?
Can someone please remind me?

I have to go.

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