Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ironic T Shirt.

Do you live in California?
What is that like?
While you have been thinking about what it is like to live there, have you by any chance seen this painting?
The above painting?
I sent it out to your fair state a while ago, and I have not heard from it since.
I wonder if it is okay?
You know, well fed and dry?
Did you buy it!?
IS that what happened?
Well, you could.
Do you have any idea what my storage closet situation is here?
There is simply no more room.

Even if it is one of my more favorite pieces as of late.

So back to California and what makes it so great,
What makes it so great?
I hear things, but that means nothing to me.
I have more of a tactile way of learning.
I need to FEEL the ground and air.
I have to admit, the water sounds nice.

Well if you happen to know where this painting is, let me know.
Or just send me some bucks and you can keep it out there, where it is obviously more comfortable than Brooklyn.

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