Saturday, August 01, 2009

You know.

I am falling apart.
My empire is crumbling!!
All of the things I had planted into a solid foundation are shaking loose and floating away.

I am being forced into a bit of a battle of wills with my son.
He is testing me.
The boy is almost as tall as I am, and he is only just 17 months old.
The main reason I do my push ups now is for self defense.
I can't reason with him, He can't even speak English yet.
And I don't know French OR Spanish, so we are reduced to grunting and yelling in languages the other one doesn't understand.
It is truly a multi lingual, pathetic mess.
Losing to a baby.
Who ever even heard of such a thing?

I bought a hose and a quick release spigot type fixture to attach the hose to the kitchen faucet.
Today, The Boy pooped in his little pool, and I just turned on the hose and sprayed him as he ran around the yard trying to get away from the spray.
Oh I laughed and laughed!

Aside from that, He has continually bested me and beaten my soul into bloody submission.

Will you come baby sit while I move to Mexico?
Think about it,
I have to wrestle him to sleep.

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