Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The River.

Oh my son.
I put my lovely son to bed, and now it is quiet.
I feel so blessed to know Him.
I feel as though He existed in some other realm long before Truen and I were ever ready to be parents.
Before we even knew each other.
Almost as if we met and joined forces if only to provide a place in this world for Him.
Like there is a long fence that stretches forever into the distance in all directions.
Truen and I are on one side.
Unbeknownst to us, He is on the other.
And unwittingly, we provided the cosmic tools for him to break his way through.
Right into our lives.
Right into my arms.
How can a person that is so small, who has been around for such a short time in my life...
How can someone have such a strong impact on my soul?
On my Being?
On my universal view?
In the quiet moments after he is first asleep
and I am tiptoeing to the kitchen to eat my cold dinner I ponder my existence.
No matter what I feel I may have been put on this earth to do, none of it seems as important
as raising and loving my son.

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