Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your solid foundation is worthless.

A solid foundation.
More like the illusion of a solid foundation.

I think that my landlord has been spending my rent money on one or both of his cars and flashy lifestyle rather than pay his mortgage. I can only imagine that is where the money went, because how else could he still drive those around when we got served papers that the house is in foreclosure?
Yeah, the apartment I have made a home in for my family is now probably going to get taken away, and I feel pretty bad.
No one gives a shit about your solid foundation.

If it isn't the bank, it's your boss.
If it's not your boss, it's the government.
If it's not the government, it's the militia that just took advantage of the politically unstable environment and you probably have it way worse than me and my irresponsible landlord and I just sound like another whiny American bitch.
And if it is none of those things it is probably Mother Nature.

Always something to gunk up the gears and remind you that no matter how well you try to insulate yourself from events in your life, you have no control. There is always something that can find it's way in and ruin your efficient little life engine.

I mean, here I got myself up off the ground, got used to living here in this place that is constantly trying to swat me away, and I am chugging along with Truen and Axel on my back, and then this all happens.
And thankfully it is only this, honestly this is just a minor inconvenience really.
But DAMN! I have a nice little thing going here and I really don't want to have to go through getting started all over again somewhere else.

Options include moving within the city, Brooklyn probably, Queens possibly?
Tossing in the towel and going back to Wisconsin so that Truen can finish school and we can be closer to all the families.
Last night I was convinced that was the way to go.
This morning I am not so sure, but still leaning towards something in that vein.

I am going to run around the track and ponder.

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