Monday, September 21, 2009

A Slippery Slope.

I am pretty sure that I am my Son's best friend.
I am at least in the top two.
Out of two, I am in there somewhere.
But soon he will need to have other friends, and this bothers me because it means I have to meet those kids' parents.
I just want it to be me and my family.
Not me and my family and... Randy or Saffron, whatever these kids will be called.
I can't be responsible for these other kids safety and well being when we decide to just up and leave on an adventure.
These other kids are going to be weights holding me down!!
I got enough of those!!!
Those weights are called my family! And I am used to those guys, but I am not going to get used to these other kids.

Well, moving on, how are you doing?
What was your day like?
Did you eat lunch? What did you eat?
Is every day bleeding into the others?


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