Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feed The Monster.

There is a bathroom, like a guest bathroom?
There is one of those here at my house.
The house that I rent.

I was in there that I saw a small jug of laundry detergent.
But this was a different jug than the other jug I had recently seen.
And there is a big, brand new, giant jug, underneath the sink.

SO I says to Truen I says "Did you buy another jug of detergent? Because there is
a brand new giant jug under the sink..."
I thought I was just asking a question.

But I said it in a tone that I guess sounded like I was just a big giant asshole for asking.
Like an asshole with legs and arms and a beautiful, dark mane of curly hair.
But I thought I was just trying to figure out why there was a new jug of detergent.

I went and sat in the garage, where I try to sit in for at least ten to fifteen minutes a day.
But this was almost as frustrating as my recent exchange with my wife for life.
I ended up laying outside staring at the sky and listening to Soundgarden.

Then Truen come outside and axe me if I want some ice cream drumsticks.
And now, sitting with my treat, I am realizing that I still don't know where that detergent came from.
BUT I am also eating a treat on an exclusive date with my wife.

Time truly DOES heal all wounds!

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