Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small Lamp.

Things are good.
I had a party.
And it was full of people I never knew before I moved here.
I think this is a sign of some sort.
A sign that I am doing the right things.
Some of the right things.

I surprised Mama T with some Thai food the other night.
That felt great to do.
I was sure she would love it, and she did!
She ate it and immediately rolled over and fell into a deep, deep slumber.
I had to drag her up the stairs to her bed.
I swear I did! And she didn't even stir a bit.

I surprised the Burger with a small green, spikey ball.
This was on par with Mama T's surprise Thai food.
He played with a kid's ball of a similar fashion once at the park.
Oh how he screamed when he had to give it back.
And no matter how I tried I could not find one of these balls anywhere.
And then the other day we walked into a store and he saw one immediately
beneath a whole pile of other various toys and made a beeline for it.
I am not sure who was happier.
Me for being able to buy his love, or Him for finally attaining his life goal.
Either way it was nice and we went straight to the park to play.

Now I am all alone in the house.
The family is out, drinking and gambling.
It is raining and I am spending my remaining free time searching for illegitimate children on a social networking site.
I hope you are well and focused.

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  1. oh man, i dont think you have any idea how much joy your posts bring to my day.

    p.s. this is danielle. we went to high school together. i was the girl who was friends with jim and justin.


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