Monday, December 28, 2009

Down Path.

I built some stretchers.
I started to paint on them, and you know, it is going pretty well.
I enjoy it is what I am trying to tell you, and I am happy to say this because for the longest time I was trying my best to avoid ever investing in such things as oil paints and canvases and brushes and what not.
T busted me out by telling our friends that I was scared to paint.
She was right, I was upset for a minute, but then I realized that she was right and I was just scared to commit.
I don't know, maybe it was the financial commitment, or having to gather the materials.
I think what changed was having my Boy.
He has taught me so much about patience and also being able to let go of earthly worries.

Now when I am in the garage, I pour everything out into a wet mess.
I move it all around into different areas and colors.
I pull shapes out of nothing and I add texture where it is needed.
I watch for movement and I try to accentuate it, and I look for the gaps and holes and try to fill them, or dig them out.
It is a process of building and breaking down and I just go over and over, layering paint on top of paint.
Ideas over ideas, making room for new ideas to come forward.
It is letting go and being all in or nothing at all.
I was never ready for this before.
I always wanted to have a hand on the controls, steering myself through a drawing.
I thought that there was an element of speed and spontaneity there
But it was nothing compared to this new process.

I will go back to paper at some point, why not?
For now though I am on a new path.

This photo is of a sculpture by David Hammons.
This man is a true visionary.


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