Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Straight Forward.

Dang did it get cold!
It is a chill that makes you feel alive.
It is not something that pushes you toward insanity, or suicide.
It makes you feel happy to have a warm place waiting for you.
It makes you appreciate what you have, if you have the warmth to go home to.
If you don't appreciate it in this cold, then I am not sure you deserve it.
What do you think?
Whatchoo Thank!?

It could just be the beers talking.
I got beers with Jaime.
It was great.
And the cold sobered me right up!!!
The cold and the sandwich I split with Jaime.

T wants to get a tattoo with God in it.
Who knows?
I can't judge, and I believe in "God" as much as the next fool.
Even as much as T seems to, suddenly.

I love you guys, that is what I am trying to say.

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