Monday, December 14, 2009

On your hands and elbows.

I don't know, maybe you saw this already, I may have posted it a long time ago.
It is from a long time ago anyways, way back when I knew no better.
But I like it, and I feel like it has spunk.

I was reading about video game systems.
There are a lot of problems with them, did you know this?
They break down, and the controllers are not very good anymore.
We must have traded physical quality and construction for technological advances and power.
It is a shame.
I am sure I could plug in a Sega Genesis, or an SNES, and relive the glory years very easily, and this is almost 15 years after the fact. But these new systems barely last to to three years, and it is a shame... like I said.
I am sure I described the upside down pyramid before, but that is what this is.
Technology is an upside down pyramid, we are moving too fast without making sure we have a solid foundation, and look how we suffer for it!
Dysfunctional game systems and controllers.

While I am on the subject of technology, can we please stop with using the word "sexy" to describe it?
I don't look at the proposed "Apple Tablet" or "Google Phone" and think these things are sexy.
They are well designed, sure, but sexy?
Is this what we are being led to believe will replace the things that are, and have been, sexy for all of recorded time?

And by this I mean the naked human form, soft supple skin, chiseled and toned muscle, beautiful glowing hair?
A look in a person's eye, a wink even.
A slight smile exposing a slightly crooked tooth?

The way they are using sexy now, to describe tools and objects, I feel like we are screwing ourselves over!
Are we supposed to be aroused by these things? They are just computers, phones and other technological garbage.

These are not things that have sex appeal to them.
These things give me no boners!

Now a five game winning streak by a scrappy NFL team led by a young smart quarterback...
Now THAT is sexy.

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  1. theycallmethefoxx7:59 PM

    I've never heard of anyone refer to a device as sexy. I have, however, heard several hundred people refer to ME as sexy. Maybe that's where you are getting confused?


    I have a sega dreamcast up in the attic and it works beautifully.

    Are you really leaving FB for good?


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