Sunday, December 13, 2009

When you talking.

So I had eaten a tuna salad sammy earlier and figured that that would be good enough for my dinner.
Then I was in the garage, and I was sort of wanting to have a little snack, but also I was wanting some dessert... also.
So I thought for my snack I would have some cereal, and then fro dessert I would have some cake.
Both of these things we have in the house right now.
So that is what I did, but man, I should not have done that.
It is not a good idea to follow a bowl of mildly sweet cereal with some really sweet cake.
And also some ice cream was in there somewhere as well, but at this point it is totally irrelevant.
I am regretting so many of my decisions right now.

Hey, I wanted to show you these two small wall sculptures I made.
Maybe you seen them before, but maybe you haven't.
And maybe you would be interested in owning one for the holidays.
Or maybe you know someone who would like to add to their current collection of art by unknown but promising young artists.
They are small and cheap-ish, and they will put me that much closer to my life goals.
Like my goal to maybe buy some salad next time instead of cereal.
Salad would have been much better to have eaten before the cake.

I love you guys, take care.

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