Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anawana One!

Sometimes I wonder what will be the end of the line?
I think about all the problems of the whole world.
I search for them and then I worry about them.
Or if I don't worry, I at least acknowledge them.

My wife?
The stone that I pull through the desert?
She and I are cut from the same cloth.
We are trying to fight a good fight, but I feel like we are on the losing team.

As the world spins wildly out of control you can either try to fix it, or you can try to be prepared.
I feel like this is the reality humankind has created for itself.

I took Burger to the Museum today.
First we spent a couple hours climbing rocks in Central Park, then we went to see the whale.
It is what I told him the whole way there on the train as I tried to physically subdue him.
I kept saying "Let's go see the whale!"
And he would punch me in the gut.
Or chop me in the face.
I think he is a happy little boy.

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