Monday, June 14, 2010

Under the Surface.

Look at my genius idea!
I thought of a word the other day that I don't believe exists.
This is when an indigenous person has a genius idea.
Like when the first ships made contact with the new world and all those native people took all them blankets home in exchange for their land and livelihood.
I thought of it as I was riding my bike having just such an idea, and then I got so excited over my new word that I forgot the idea that sparked the word's creation in the first place.
Later I decided that it was the creation of the word that was indigenius and I left it at that.

Mama T has been having a lot of genius ideas lately, especially in helping me in my battle against the mouse.
I am so lucky to have her around.

Well, I had a pretty nice weekend.
I got some hairs cut, but nothing drastic.
And I leveled off some of my weapons training.
Sometimes it is that one little kill that makes all the difference.
I also worked on an artist statement, and I think I decided I need to take new photos of all my work, so's to make it all uniform and matching.
Thoughts on this?

I hope all is well, and please, take care.

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