Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Kept Secret

Since I was little, if something was wrong I wanted to talk about it.
I would worry that someone might be mad at me, or I would be upset that someone didn't care that my feelings were hurt.
So I would want to talk about this stuff in order to "fix" things.
I got older and learned that there is not always a "fix" but it still helped to talk things out.
A teacher taught me a term called gunny sacking.
You take your problems and stuff them into a gunny sack and you carry them around and keep adding more problems because life keeps tossing them at you and your bag is getting heavier and you can hardly pull it across the barren wasteland any longer!
A teacher taught me that.
And what I learned from her was that it is not a Good thing to gunny sack your problems.

So now I like to talk about things.
It drives Mamma T crazy a lot of the time, but what can I say, there's no refunds on husbands.
So she is stuck.

I realized as I was washing my face that I still got a gunny sack though, and it is not because I haven't tried to get rid of it.
It is because the person that I have these problems with has been so totally unresponsive to my attempts to rid myself of this god forsaken bag around my neck!
This bag is divisive!
And it is getting heavier.

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