Thursday, August 26, 2010


As time goes by, it becomes easier for me to lie.
I think that it is really just about how you phrase it in your head.
How you justify your lie.

Can I just say that I love who I am?
I hope that doesn't sound like I have some huge ego.
And I am really not bragging.

What is it about watching a fire?
Do you want to stick your hands in there?
Grab that energy.

It becomes harder and harder to be interested in whatever you consider entertainment.
Where I grew up, I was not bombarded by posters everywhere.
You only got your advertisements through Television and Radio.
Here it is just posters everywhere, and guerilla marketing that doesn't even try to hide what it really is.
And it is BORING!
Accept for anything with James Franco because he is hot.

Truen says I am smart.
She tells me I am smart all the time.
I'm like yeah I know.
My Mom didn't raise me to be an asshole.

It is weird though when you suddenly see your parents as human beings.

I am only half Navajo.
And I didn't even get a say in which half.

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