Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Play with fire.

Send him packing.
It's what I did.
I did not dress him though.
That was the work of someone else.

He is awake so early, and he seems to fall asleep late.
But he is still an energetic person.

To handle his energy you must first abandon any hope of being able to do what you want.
You must tailor your desires to his needs and go from there.
No, you can not concentrate on painting a picture while you listen to music and nurse a beer or two.
Yes, you can get exercise by walking him around a couple of parks, stopping at various grocery stores along the way in order to get the shopping done.
Those are just two examples, but they are from real life experiences.
That is what some people don't get.

You want to do what you want to do, and what's worse, or what complicates the whole thing is that you want him to want to do what you want to do as well.
In this scenario, no one wins and before you know it, you have wasted a day you could have been appreciating fully with your little sidekick.

I am guilty of wanting my own needs met over his as well.
All I can say is that I make a conscious effort to turn the day around as soon as I realize what I am doing.

I read this article about mindfulness.
I only read about three paragraphs.
I didn't need to read much of it because I realized that I was unwittingly practicing mindfulness since forever!
Was I? Who cares?

There was this kid I used to skateboards with, he told me about a guy that HE worked with.
The kid was talking with the guy about the kids girl problems.
The guy says "Either do something about your problems, or quit fucking complaining about them."
Little did the guy know what an impact his advice would have on me.
That was a long time ago, a random night in the Shopko parking lot in Racine.
And it is still my main mantra.

Taking steps towards helping rid yourself of problems, stress, sadness, anger, the list goes on and on as far as things we try to fix inside. Those are valid ambitions to have.
If you want to be a better person, that is a great goal to have.

Who can say it's not?

I look at Burger with his backpack and cup of nuts and I just hope that I can impart that mantra to him and raise him to be able to figure things out for himself.

I would also like to commission several outfits based on current outfits so as he grows bigger, he can still be in the same outfit.
I think that will create some funny photos for him to laugh at with me some day.

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