Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cool and Cold.

So what gives!?
I had to make you think about if you wanted to enter this blog anymore.
It had to be done!
I was starting to feel like I needed to censor myself and I was sick of it.
It was not being true to you, the casual blog follower.
And although there has yet to be any nudity, there is definitely more swears all of a sudden.
I think maybe on account of the Burger being able to talk and introduce a word into his vocabulary after hearing it once or twice.

So now you make a choice.
No offense if you don't want to read this stuff.
I promise.
I am just keeping it real.

Burger updates:
-Trains and anything that looks like a train.
-Watermelon must now always have the rind on it or else you might as well try feeding him a turd.
-Dancing and singing.
-He says "No." to almost every single question the first time you ask him. If you catch him while he wants to be polite it is
"No thanks."
-I cut his hair, but I have to do a better job.
-He is usually without pants to give him quick access to the little toilet he uses.

I hope all is well, I will talk with you later.

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