Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What You Think Vs. What You Know.

Questions that have been knocking around my can:

Where is the vocal, motivated anti war movement?
- I saw a sign the other day, a poster, it said "Buy the bombs back" and it can you believe it was a fucking bracelet that you could buy made from salvaged metal from exploded bombs?
Are you fucking kidding me!?
We should be forced to wear these bracelets, not buy them.
As if the news doesn't try to sell the war(s) to us enough, now someone wants you to give them money for a bracelet to show you are against the war or some shit?
Granted I didn't read the entire poster twice over, so maybe I missed somethings.
But right away you can see the target demographic, those that believe they can do good by buying something like a bracelet.
Plus it is hard to not have a sneaking suspicion that this is just some joke a think tank came up with.

What is the next internet?
Sub question: Is it a step backwards to move forwards?
Sub sub question: Does it really matter considering we may have poisoned the ocean thus making the future of internet seem kind of pointless and shallow?
-You know how Google and Verizon just basically stole the internet's neutrality from us?
Well I wonder if THIS might cause any kind of revolution? Up until that deal, the internet was a level playing field in many ways, but now it is just like cable television and yet another possibly beautiful tool to help mankind progress to a more idyllic future was crushed.
"So where does this leave all the people that want to see that future realized"?
Good question, me, I am not really sure.
But I am excited by the prospects.
Unless we are actually living on a dead planet.
On account of the oil in the gulf/entire ocean.

In the future, will we all be able to classify ourselves by what type or level of victim we are/were to some corporation or government?
-This is a question that came to me as I was typing this post. I will have to think about it and get back to you, but in the meantime maybe you should think about it because it seems relevant and important. Maybe you could even let me knwo what you think?

Well, I am sweating my balls off, so I better go wash them and go to sleep.

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