Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little Helper.

All of a sudden Mamma T starts talking to me, sure technically she is always talking to me, and maybe it is because of this that I am not always listening.
I am visiting my snowy garden in Japan, listening to the wind.
But today, as I was attempting to be one with a snowflake, a tiny voice came through and started to say some very interesting, positive, motivating things.
And if I told you that there was a temporary break in the clouds as these words rang loud and true in my ears, I would not be lying.
Even Burger was lulled into a deep, transcendental state as he listened to his Mom break an egg of knowledge over my head.

I am a lucky man.

So now it is time to rebuild.
I have to stop living with worry and fear and start living with faith and strength.
I have to grab life by the horn, like when you need to overcome a rhinoceros or unicorn.

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