Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer In Review.

I know that it sounds "lame" but do you think that there will ever be someone "in charge" that will appoint like minded people to help achieve some kind of peace?
Maybe not world peace, but peaceful intentions.
I feel like if this person existed, if you could look to them and see the attempts and progress, I would want to guard them with my life.
And I don't think that I would be alone.

But right now?
Man, it's just more of the same.
Just wars and wars.
Video games to desensitize and glorify the brutality.


It feels so late now, even though I am sure it is not.
It's just that, if someone were to actually lead by example instead of with rhetoric, we could make some headway.
If we were to just focus our energies on the real problems the human race is facing, if we set that example, who knows how that might impact the world, but it can't be any worse than what we are doing right now.

I mean, we aren't fighting for freedom, or to spread democracy, we are just fighting for domination, and it is so fucking obvious.

Apparently every generation seems to think the end of the world is at hand.
It's just that as I get older, now that I am actually feeling like a capable individual, I am so frustrated by how the system is set up. I have the energy now, and soon I will be older, and I won't have the energy.
If we started to focus our efforts collectively on the next generation, that might work.

The youth is so unfocused and selfish.

But that is not really true is it?
I remember being very focused on many things.
And I was told time and time again that those were not worthy ventures.
Work, and then a career!
Credit, House and Family!

Chase that carrot into your grave.

Where was my hobo mentor teaching me to live a simple life?
Showing me the benefits of living day to day and for the day.
I mean I learned eventually, after many failed attempts to play the game, but think if we stopped pushing all this bullshit on the young, energetic kids and urged them to work at real change instead of status quo.

Maybe we need to lower the voting age, doesn't everyone say that kids are older than their ages anyways?

Well, I just want some peace man.
Why is that so fucking hard?
Fighting in Afghanistan, then Iran, all over the world.
And for what?
The people that send us to fight don't give a shit, they just watch from their mountain covered bunkers, just waiting to send out the robots.
Yeah, you heard me, ROBOTS!

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