Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Precious Baby Skunk.

What up bro?

You know me? I'm a sneaky sneak.
That is my M.O.
You think you know what I am up to.
But you don't! It's all a ruse!
I am like one of those M. Night Shyalamadingdong movies.

You know that I got a nickname?
I do, twas given to me by a dude at work.
Somehow, it stuck.
Longer than anyone had hoped.

You guys know Manny?
That dude is my coworker, he is my main coworker of life.
Normally he calls me by my nickname.
But suddenly, out of nowhere, I am Big Princess.
Big Princess.

Hey, while I am thinking about it, sorry to have been such a downer the other night.
Maybe it is just the end of summer drawing near.
Did I say summer?
I meant humanity.

HA! Good one! High Five!

What is it about the past that is so appealing?
And why do we cling to the shreds of past that remain in our brain?
I slap my brain and scream "You can not go back!"

Did you know I was in a really awesome band?
I was in a band with three of my best friends and I fucked it all up.
For some reason that I will never truly understand, I decided to join the "air" "force".
Things were never the same after that.

I have heard that women are better secret keepers than men.

I was breaking rocks in the hot, hot sun.

I have been having a hard time focusing lately.
I feel like I got some kind of junk on my lenses and I can't see the fine details of life.
I can't stop thoughts from intruding on my personal spaces.

I want it all!

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