Monday, September 27, 2010

Hoot Hoot.

I don't know about you, but when I see someone litter I immediately regard them as less than human.
I see all of their civil rights stripped away.
I see them being roughed up, stripped and sent off on an ice float, banished to the desert or left in the middle of dense vegetation for the animals and pygmies.
I would only feel a small bit of sympathy for them if they were to litter and then be crushed by a falling air conditioner, or nailed by a bus.
That's not true, that would be horrific and sad.

But littering conjures these flare ups of rage that I can only describe with violent imagery.
I just have no idea what is going through this person's mind.
They obviously have no respect for their environment, and I am not talking on a global scale here but just as far as keeping things clean, this is not important to them.
And they have no respect for the people, the hard working people that have to clean up after them.
They certainly don't respect you or I.

I picture the carpet of trash in these people's homes.

Littering should be punishable by one full garbage can being shaken throughout the perpetrator's dwelling.
Or community service, cleaning up the area that they were seen littering.
Their choice.

Well, that's all I got right now.

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  1. Couldn't f'n agree more.

    This week we watched a kid eating pizza on the curb near a local sliceria. He decided he didn't like what he was eating because he spit out a mouthful into the gutter.

    He balled up the foil on his paper plate and stood there a moment. Just then his mother walked up, putting her arm around him. At this point he dipped his paper plate downward letting the ball of foil fall to the ground. The crumpled plate promptly followed.

    There was no protest or redirect offered by his mother. No punishment for littering. Not even a wagging finger or head shake. The two walked off together, content in their foulness. Meanwhile, I sat in utter disgust, my own slice of pizza suddenly undesirable.

    Unforgivable Crime No. 1: Littering
    Unforgivable Crime No. 2: Ruining a slice of pizza for a fellow citizen.

    We have no court, no tribunal, no law to govern such crimes. Their judgement can only come from some future cataclysm they will inevitably cause.


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