Saturday, October 02, 2010

Torch Song.

I have a positive outlook on life despite all my worries.
And although I am not in control over the direction of the world, or my life, I am in control of my brain.
This allows me to interpret things the way I would like to, and that gives me a sense of control or direction that helps me cope with the numerous decisions and responsibilities that I am faced with on a daily basis.
And to be honest, once you get used to dealing and coping and trudging, you form a base layer of tolerability.
Once this layer forms, you can kind of forget about it.
It is the foundation and if you made it solidly, then you are golden.
And don't be distracted by the tent industries built around your insecurities.
These are just there to make you question yourself and even though they're billed as being helpful I think they are often times more damaging on account of then you give them more money to get more pieces to the puzzle.
The puzzle that THEY designed.

Life is work, and work is good. You should never stop working. DO NOT apply this to your job though, life work and job work are two different things and only one of them is important, only one of them makes you happy.

I was moving this billionaire's couch, and it was a brand new custom made couch for a room in a guest house that will rarely be used. It was a nicely built piece of furniture upholstered in quality fabric. It was not cheap. It probably cost 2 to 3 grand which is nothing to a billionaire.
I was moving it around, lifting it and setting it down and then lifting it again and it made me come up with this:
When a person that has so much money, it becomes valueless. When their money is valueless, so are the objects that they buy with it. When the objects are valueless, I treat them as such.

This logic applies to most of the things in this guys house EXCEPT for his art, or at least most of his art, and that is because those paintings are one of a kind, and I appreciate them on many different levels.
But a custom made couch? Well shit, you can buy another, and another and another.

And it would be like drops in the fucking ocean.

Just like the rest of the infrastructural nightmares in this country, the old ways and values are crumbling. A giant boat, built by the masses, for the elite to enjoy, and it is slowly sinking. This is great because it results in us being able to use our brains and imaginations more.
Remember imagination?
Well imagine these old fucking industrial dinosaurs sinking into the tar until there is nothing to remember them by but their last breath, bubbling by the light of your torch.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    It must be surreal to be in the homes of the modern day robber barons by day and in the creative cocoon of your own home at night surrounded by your people. Do you sage yourself when you get home?
    This is from Barbara Jean


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