Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams of You.

I was talking with Scott today about the merits of going to school.
As in college.
Higher Education.
I thought that maybe I should give it a try again, since it seems like a good ay to get out of working at the job that I enjoy.
I see it as buying myself time, and time is a commodity.
If you know anything about my previous school endeavors, you are probably shaking your head right now.

Trust me, I am right there with you on that one brother.

I guess my problem has always been that I think I am smarter than standardized education.
And I am.
We all are.

I'll tell you what, I will ALWAYS try to work outside of societal confines!
That is what I want engraved on my tombstone dammit!

Anyways Scott's advice was that I didn't need to go to art school because I am living the art life anyways, so what is the point?
If so many student's goals are to graduate, move to new york and "make it", then what the fuck would I, a grown ass man living the art life need art school for anyways?
Twas a good question.
I think mainly for the art history section, which is exactly one of the main things I hated about art school the first time.
Had I known then that I would end up being interested in art history, well shit, I'd be a different man entirely.

So I guess it has to be something more practical.
But I never heard of no degrees in fighting the man.
So I guess I have to find a degree in homesteading, homeopathic medicine, yoga and massage.

I need a degree in Zen Mountainmanship.
With a minor in Rad Dadness.
Just for good measure.

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