Friday, October 15, 2010

Right In The Ball.

The thing is, I understand.
You have a type of person you are attracted to, and no matter how much you love the person you are with that will never change.
Your type I mean.

You get married, you get older, you start to question your life choices, not because you are unhappy but just because.
Everyone does this!
It is the human condition.

You see someone that reminds you of a certain time of your life when you didn't question everything.
Of course you are interested.
One thing leads to another...

The actions that follow are not things that I necessarily condone.
But this is what the future holds anyways, this is the path that we are on as a society.
Look me in the eye, no, the other one...
Look me in my good eye and tell me you don't have photos of your genitalia somewhere.

You are lying.
You are lying right to my good eye.

Look, of course there are lines that were crossed, but I don't know for how much longer those lines will even exist.

And honestly, the sight of this man's penis was nowhere near as upsetting as the sight of him in that Viking helmet.

Up Top!

Are we not always trying to relive parts of our past that made us most happy?
If only for a brief second, to remind us that what we have now was worth it?

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