Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Nice.

I have some friends.
It is true.
What I mean is that I have made a few friends since I moved to NY, and I think that is something that deserves to be recognized, so sue me.

One such friend is going to pick up my Huz from the hospital tomorrow.
My wife for life had to sleep in the hospital you guys!
She is okay, but you know... it is scary.
It is scary to think about what could happen along the course of a relationship.
But like I said, she is fine.

The Burger pinched his finger tip under a big heavy bench and now his finger nail is going to come off.
It is just hanging there right now.
I was looking at it and he said "don't do that."
But the way he said it, it was exactly how I say it to him.
The inflection was eerie.

But looking at his fingernail, or Mamma T laying on a hospital gurney.
Not to sound all cheesy but ...
When you invest in loving people, you have to take whatever comes along.
And that is life, and life is beautiful.

So these friends, they are opening a coffee shop called Bedford Hill.
I link to they blog.
And they asked me to make this piece fro their ceiling.
And I did it and it looks awesome.

Everything is very good.

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