Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slow Down and Puff With Care.

I was talking to my brother's mom today.
She was saying how she was worried about him, because, like many young men his age, he is sort of stuck and spinning his wheeeeels and she wished she could help.
My advice was to not worry about it because worrying is a stupid waste of time that sucks joy out of your life.
Those are not exact words, but pretty close to what I meant.

I vaguely remember a time a while back when I couldn't seem to get my feet underneath me and I was myself worried that I was maybe letting things get out of control.
Then I learned that there is no control and that the whole concept of control is an illusion.
It took a long time to get used to this exciting idea because the world we built around ourselves doesn't want us to think that there are options and certainly that some of these options might be in our own best interest.
And I am pretty sure that this whole time that I was learning all these things Nathan's Mom was worrying about me.
I am sure of it actually because it was a main topic for discussion.
And it never made sense to me, and I am pretty sure that it was counter productive to my journey of becoming the awesome dude that I became.

It is not just her though.
There are other Moms that I know, and they do similar things.
And it is upsetting on many levels for everyone involved.

I didn't feel good about myself knowing that I was causing someone else distress due to my inability to figure things out quicker.
But what kind of sense does that make.
Non-sense, get it!?
I think that must be where they got that word from.

Look, no one lives forever.
But that is no bargaining chip.
And when it is used like one, all it motivates me to do
is to celebrate and cherish what I have.
While I have it.

Is that the whole point!?
Damn, you're good.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Great post. I myself worry that I haven't "figured it out" yet, and I verbalize that struggle much too often. Both my mother and my wife believe that I'm never happy, and I'm stressing myself out unneccesarily.

    I should relax. We all should. Sometimes just taking a breath helps. Thanks for posting this.


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