Friday, November 12, 2010

Pushing The Boulder.

It is not hard for me to treat myself to good things.
I have no problems buying myself a donut, or taking a hot bath.
These are things that are most certainly treats.
I am lucky to have these luxuries.
When you stop seeing things as luxuries and start to feel like you deserve...
Then you are in trouble.

It is a balancing act.
You don't want to dip too far either way.
It is very easy to spoil the good, simple things.
You don't want to do that.

What could be sadder then lifting a freshly baked donut to your mouth only to taste nothing?
To FEEL no joy in the act of dipping your feet into a tub of hot water?

You have to reward yourself is what I am trying to say.
If you leave it up to other people, you will be left hungry, dry and cold while they eat in the tub.

Crumbs falling into the water and getting stuck and matted into their chest hairs.

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